Lady Sole

Artist         Khaaymar Marie

I woke to find myself on the same planet as you, but in a different world..

There is no box they can fit me in, and I laugh at their puzzled frowns ,

I speak their language but it’s not one they understand…I stay retreated from all but a few

I am separate ..

The sunlight catches my eye and memorises me to watch as it casts a ray of light upon a blade of grass

The hover flies they dance above, rubbing their legs as they do, and I stretch out my hand inviting one to land on my fingertips

It does…and I smile..

The bees they too are dancing dressed in the colours of the sunset and they too catch my eye

music plays in my soul

I am silent ,I hear much, I see much..

colours come together and create something more that I see and feel..

I lay my head in the sunlight and watch the rainbow lights in my eyelashes dancing.. feels good…

Abstract ….abstractions of my mind …

the birds they watch me as I watch them and they fly as free as the wind, where are you going I whisper in my soul ?

I want to fly too, high in the sky and look down silently ..just words

I want to feel that wind as I fly ,I want to hear it..I know its voice I have listened a thousand times

I dance on the outside and on the inside to a rhythm that plays within me

I feel everything without even having to touch

I look out of windows at the people passing by, passing by, passing by, I am not going where they are going

I look out of myself

and I look inside…. .introspection……

and my dreams are trying to teach me things..

I am .. love

I am

I am smiling

I am laughing

I am…much much more

I am….

Lady Sole

walking alone…until you are beside me

I already know you though I have not met you

I am on the same planet as you but in a different world

Where are you ?

by Khaaymar Marie          

Twitter @khaaymar


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2 responses to “Lady Sole”

  1. Kalizamar says :

    Artist, Poet & friend, Khaaymar, thanks for sharing your poem…

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