Good-bye, my darling Leila,

For a little while good-bye,

Your coming was like sunshine,

Now your going leaves a sigh;

Their still remains the fragrance

Of your presence in the home,

That is purer than the lily,

Sweeter than the honeycomb.


No fear of me forgetting,

If a little while we part,

My love is ever with you,

You are graven on my heart;

I can feel those arms around me,

And those stronger arms of mine,

In the fondest of embraces,

Round your graceful form entwine.


And oh, those sweetest kisses

In the evening, on the stair,

Those gentle loving whispers

From your lips so pure and fair;

You have made my home like Eden,

And my heart o’erflow with joy,

Yes, I love you darling Leila,

With a love without alloy.

                                                                                                                       J.S.  (13.11.1923)


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2 responses to ““LEILA””

  1. Kalizamar says :

    A beautiful poem written in 1923

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