Dare to love her – The Cat (Lynn Wong)
Did I hear you call my name,
From a far and distance land,
Did you see me and wonder
What this name is all about
What if the wind told you,
Her world been tempered with
Far too many times
Darkness seems to be the only light
What if the whispers of the leaves
Told you, rip her heart out
And you will see
All shattered into pieces
What if the river sail right into you
To tell you that trust she has none
Played and washed out
Far too many times
What would you say
The sun that came shining today
Tear that shed can’t be seen
But it flows all the same
From  the deepest part of the soul
What would you say
She shakes in fear
What would you say
Do you dare to love her?

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3 responses to “DARE TO LOVE HER…”

  1. Kalizamar says :

    What a beautiful poem Kitty 🙂

  2. The Cat says :

    Thank you for posting my poem, wow, this is the first time, some of my poem got posted on the net, whenever the inspiration takes on, i just write it down in a journal… The Cat

  3. jalal michael sabbagh says :

    Wonderful poem very clear thoughts.l enjoyed reading it.Regards

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