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Donde esta la felicidad?

                                                    Esta en los sueños… ♥

Where can you find happiness?

                                                          In your dreams… ♥


Dream Weaver, weave a dream for me;

a special dream, a perfect dream

that will set my spirit free…


Let me fly above the clouds

into a world of fantasy…


A wonderland of make believe

where people live in harmony

and everyone is tolerant;

no hate, no fear, no jealousy…


Where I can feel and I can love

and no one judges me,

where I can freely speak my mind

although others don’t agree…


Does our race, sex, age, matter so?

I can only see equality.

Love me for who I really am,

not who I’m meant to be…


Dreamweaver, try very hard, you see

I lost my last dream crazily,

it ran away with me…


It left me with this sadness,

with tears locked in my soul.

I need a new dream badly now

before I feel too cold…


Weave your special magic

Dream Weaver, weave a dream for me

so I can carry on and smile again.

I want to be just me…

By Kalizamar, October 2012



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4 responses to “DreamWeaver”

  1. Kalizamar says :

    Poem dedicated to a special person, a Dream Weaver, @tejedoredesueños
    Gracias por repasar la gramatica de mis poemas en Castellano. Nunca dejes de tejer sueños y escribir poesias… un abrazo:)

  2. hastywords says :


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