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in an early
Georgia morning
in neither U.S

she stands

a nebula blue
giving a new milky way
finger to her
side of the universe

on porch
with loaded gun
back to back with
her younger self
exposing her
to the awkward
blowing holes
in the sky
until gun is empty
and smoking
thicker plumes
than her cigarette
flicking it(s) way
to Mars

she opens her arms

a spacial rift parts
the sky
and her accent
is in love
with the night
colder than
the brightest
more humane
than the most
alien expedition

earth watches
from a distance
Hubble telescope
retracted but
still blinking
from back of
transport trailer
hoping for one
last look of

open arms – she stands
and waits

by Crazy Irishman
October 24th, 2012 at 6:54 pm



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