GAZA “Are people afraid or don’t they care?”

Written by Farah B. Baker

Ok. I’m Farah, I’m 14 years aged, I’m Palestinian and I live in Gaza.

I care about human rights and I see that we ‘Palestinians’ have no rights and nobody asks about them because we used to live in this horrible siege, we cannot travel or visit our relatives and friends who live in Jerusalem and the West bank and the other cities in Palestine.  And this is unfair. But this isn’t my aim right now.

I want to speak about what is happening these days in Gaza. We cannot leave our houses because it’s dangerous outside, for example yesterday evening Israel bombed on a man who was coming back home from the supermarket and killed him.
It’s not even safe in our houses, for example everyday after midnight gunships shoot on the citizens houses and kill tens.
Israel even bombs on the military sites which locates between citizens houses and raises fear in everywhere.

Al_Yarmouk playground , it was bombed by 3 rockets

I live on the opposite of al_Shifa hospital, so yesterday evening I went on the rooftop to see what was happening there, so I could see the morgue of the hospital. On it’s door there was a woman shouting, screaming and slugging, after a while a doctor arrived and with him was a died body which was covering by a white cloth. Then a huge explosion happened so I ran to the house.

Israel kills citizens but they deny that. An example: Yesterday, F16 threw 3 rockets on al_Dalu family’s house and they’re citizens. They killed 10 people, 4 children, 2 women, an old man and the father, and injured 15 people too. Israel said that that happened by mistake, but of course nobody believed this huge lie.

Child of Al_Dalu family

Thousands of crimes and nobody says anything! Are the people afraid or they don’t care?

We won’t leave our homeland, we’ll stay here in Palestine till the last breath. Israelis will die sooner or later and god will help us.

Originally posted at 16.05 on Monday 19 November, 21012, on Facebook by Farah B Baker

Farah on Twitter @Farah_Gazan

Ok. I’m Palestinian Gazan. I ADORE dabkah, and I’d kill myself if I saw a beautiful blouse didn’t get it. Well, using my pencil I’m trying to free Palestine 🙂

The Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip lasted eight days  (November 2012) to claim the lives of approximately 164 Palestinians, including 43 children and 15 women. The aggression left more than 1,200 Palestinians injured, mostly women and men.

963 families in #Gaza are now homeless.

Unemployment rate in #Gaza is 28% – and stands at 58% among young people aged between 20 and 24.

39% of people live below the poverty line in Gaza

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